for Surface Microbe elimination
Always ON, No “wet” Contact Time required


Bio Decontamination Program
from Altimate Envirocare
Protection for All Surfaces


An all-time security cover
against the invisibles,
at all places of intrusion

About Us

We, at Altimate Envirocare Asia Pvt. Ltd. are the world’s leading Infection Control solutions company. We provide comprehensive and innovative solutions in combating transmissible and nosocomial infections, through the reduction of microbes on the surfaces of critical areas in hospitals and other related Invironments.
Safety of patients receiving treatment in hospitals is a major concern. The probability of patients contracting Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI) is extremely high. Hospitals across the country are falling prey to infections, losing their patients and more importantly their image in providing good health.

Current Problem - HAI

In India, the rate at which Secondary Infections or Hospital Acquired Infections are acquired is 5 times more as compared to both developed and developing countries

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Disinfectant vs Disinfecting

Disinfectants are not Broad Spectrum. Different disinfectants are prescribed for different zones (sterile and non-sterile) and for different microbes.

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Solution - Infection Control

Self-generative no-touch antimicrobial surface coating that is not defined by zones and is both human and environmentally safe.

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